May we introduce ourselves? Peter, Ilse, Caroline, Hans-Peter, Lissi (Elisabeth) and, last but not least, Balu


… The boss, or, as he puts it with a smile, the “servant“. He is Hüttn’s “man for all seasons”, be it behind the bar, in the kitchen or in the service. But what he likes most is his tractor shuttle – when in both summer and winter he and his tractor take their guests to Unterwirt Hüttn.


… Hüttn’s heart and soul and always as busy as a bee. Attaching much importance to details, she looks after the holiday flats and the making of the home-made products. She always keeps her head even in the biggest hustle and bustle of Unterwirt Hüttn and still finds time to have a little chat with her guests. Moreover, she and Peter are members of Almabtriebsgemeinschaft Wolitzenalm.


… Their daughter, attended the hotel management school in Villach; currently, she works at family business. Her passion is music – this might be the reason why she is bandmaster of the the Bad Kleinkirchheim costume band. She is responsible for the holiday flat bookings and is always ready to answer your questions, not only in German, but, if required, in English or Italian.


… Their son, is the farm specialist. As early as ín kindergarten, it was clear to him: he wanted to be a farmer and a fire-fighter. Besides his girlfriend Lissi, his passion is timber. As such, the motor saw is his companion. In winter, you can also find him in Unterwirt Hüttn.


… She lends a hand wherever one is needed: be it in Hüttn, during haymaking or in the barn. In summer, she works as a painter – she is a master of her craft! In winter, she and Hans-Peter work side-by-side in Unterwirt Hüttn.


… Is Carolines and Stefans daughter. Since january 2017 she is keeping the whole family busy.


… the little sunshine of mummy Lissi and daddy Hans-Peter

„ We are looking forward to seeing you! “