A full stomach means well-being

Enjoy Carinthian delicacies from “Unterwirt Huabn“and the region

Our delicacies:

  • Jaus´n: Sauerfleisch (pickled pork in jelly with onions and bread), Unterwirt’s Brettljause (Unterwirt’s snack)… 
  • crisp and fresh salads: farmer’s salad: lettuce with vinegar, oil, bacon and onions, served with baguette… 
  • From the stockpot: Kirchheim farmer’ soup, home-made goulash soup…
  • Nudl-Kudl-Mudl: Käsnudel (a Carinthian speciality: pasta, stuffed with a dough mixture of potatoes and curd and served with butter oil and chives)…
  • Fish: Carinthian Låxn (lake trout) served with seasonal vegetables and new potatoes… 
  • Tasty local dishes: Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut… 
  • A sweet ending: Kletznnudel (dumpling stuffed with dried pears and served with cinnamon, sugar and melted butter)…
Cremeschnitte unterwirt hütte

Our specialities:

  • Cream slices
  • Spare Ribs

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Qualität Kärnten Gastronomie

Here your well-being comes first – 
The Carinthia Seal of Quality

This seal is awarded to hosts whose special concern is a high quality of service. From the preliminary information to a pleasant arrival and a warm welcome to an unforgettable stay. With great openness and a lot of southern joie de vivre, they create a unique atmosphere of well-being.

Genuss Wirt kärnten

Trust eats better. 
Carinthian Genuss Wirt

Based on the AMA Gastrosiegel, Carinthian Genuss hosts commit themselves to place special emphasis on products from Genussland Kärnten producers in their cuisine. Quality and origin are the top priority! The use of regional products is not only a promise, but is also controlled by the AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria).

Genuss Wirt kärnten

Slow Food

is the world’s largest movement for conscious eating and sustainable food production. A megatrend that not only shapes the future, but also shapes it. Good, clean and fair.

Alle Menschen haben ein Recht auf gute, saubere und faire Lebensmittel. Wir werden nicht ruhen, für dieses Recht zu kämpfen, solange auch nur eine Person es nicht verwirklichen kann. (Carlo Petrini)

More than 30 years ago, the Italian Carlo Petrini founded the Slow Food movement as a counterpart to the fast food industry. Since then, millions of people around the world have been working together for good, clean and fair food. They take responsibility for conscious enjoyment and advocate sustainable food from the region. Biological and taste diversity should be preserved and promoted. Out of conviction and with passion.

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Think globally, eat locally – food concerns us all!

What we, as consumers, eat in the future will have a significant impact on our climate and our landscape. That is why Slow Food trades according to the principle of good, clean and fair.

good, clean, fair

  • GOOD … stands for a substantial, fresh and healthy food culture. With the best products from the agricultural treasure trove of Carinthia and the surrounding regions in the Alps-Adriatic region.
  • CLEAN … stands for the production of food in harmony with the environment and health. Without burdening the resources of the earth, the ecosystems or the environment and without causing harm to humans, nature or animals.
  • FAIR … stands for fair conditions, fair prices for all producers and social justice – from production to trade to consumption.

To guarantee safety in food quality, origin and taste diversity, we work together with quality control institutions.